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AGROZE is all about ONLY “100% Export Quality” food products.

We do AGROZE food products as wholesale, retail, exports & imports.

Angalamman Foods Private Limited was established in June 2021 at Erode. Our brand name is Agroze Angalamman Foods Private Limited formed by T.B.Amutha, And She has been actively engaged in the same field since 2011. We are the leading manufacturer of Sugarcane Jaggery, Palm Jaggery, Wooden Press Oils, Honey and Ghee for consumer since the 2015.

At present, we have services across India. We focus to help our customers by saving time and money as we offer proper Product / Service descriptions and extremely competitive & unmatchable prices.

When you are buying from Angalamman Foods Private Limited, you can be rest assured that you are buying from a Trusted Name.


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  • AGROZE Standard is Only 100% Export Quality
  • No Second Quality on AGROZE Products
  • No Adulteration on AGROZE Products
  • No Compromise on AGROZE Product Quality
  • AGROZE have strong strict policy on Quality Control on how we choose the product sources.
  • Our AGROZE Team visits directly to farms for examines the product when it produced and make sure the product is Excellent as well meet our AGROZE standards.
  • AGROZE strongly beliefs the Product Quality is the only factor which differentiate AGROZE from others who sells same product with less standard.
  • AGROZE is Export company as you know by the name itself AGROZE Exports which clearly gives meaning as we are working with international buyers worldwide from different countries like USA and others. For that, AGROZE have to maintain the export quality to do export of food products. We hope this gives better explanation about our AGROZE product standard.

AGROZE goal will give quality production without any adulteration to customers for caring with their future.

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